Love Spells.

the leaves smell amazing,

dried and smoky.

we look like little kids

as we swim around

and toss leaves at each other.

i can’t remember the last time i was this happy.

we go back to my room.

this is it.

we haven’t talked about it,

but it’s hard to imagine we won’t hook up.

after all these years

this will be only the third time

we’ve spent the night together.

when i change for bed,

i just turn around,

let him watch me.

we get into bed,

and i feel like i am sixteen again.

he picks a bit of leaf out of my hair

and that starts us kissing.

kissing him is like kissing myself.

he was my first boyfriend.

i learned to kiss from him.

he taste the same as he did

all those years ago.

his body is different,

there is more muscle,

more strength.

we fall asleep for a while

and when i wake up

i look at him sleeping

and just smile.

a spell has been broken.



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